Latin to English

Those pesky Latin dates!

It was bound to happen. I had been looking at will after will where someone had written a date in Latin. Latin of all things! Didn't our ancestors know better? Didn't they know that we probably wouldn't be speaking or writing in Latin in the 21st Century? Nooo, they had to go and use terms that most of us can't figure out without looking them up each time they are used.

After beating my head against the desk for the umpteenth time, I decided it was time to take some action and put those dates, phrases, and words in a place that would be easy for me to find. What follows are the results of those efforts.

Months of the Year

Latin English
Januarii in January
Februarii in February
Martii in March
Aprilis in April
Maii in May
Junii in June
Julii in July
Augusti in August
Septembris in September
Octobris in October
Novembris in November
Decembris in December

Dates of the Month

Latin English
primo first
secundo second
tertio third
quarto fourth
quinto fifth
sexto sixth
septimo seventh
octo eighth
nono ninth
decimo tenth
undecimo eleventh
duodecimo twelfth
decimo tertio thirteenth
decimo quarto fourteenth
decimo quinto fifteenth
decimo sexto sixteenth
decimo septo seventeenth
decimo octo eighteenth
decimo nono nineteenth
vicesimo twentieth
vicesimo primo twenty-first
vicesimo secundo twenty-second
vicesimo tertio twenty-third
vicesimo quarto twenty-fourth
vicesimo quinto twenty-fifth
vicesimo sexto twenty-sixth
vicesimo septo twenty-seventh
vicesimo octo twenty-eighth
vicesimo nono twenty-ninth
tricesimo thirtieth
tricesimo primo thirty-first
ultimo the last

Days of the Week

Latin English
die dominica, die Solis on Sunday
die Lunae on Monday
die Martis on Tuesday
die Mercurii on Wednesday
die Jovis on Thursday
die Veneris on Friday
die Sabbati, die Sabbatinus, dieSaturni on Saturday

Date Phrases

Latin English
Altera die On the next day
Anno domini In the year of the Lord
Ante meridiem Before noon (a.m.)
Cras Tomorrow
Die sequenti On the next day
Die vero On this very day
Ejusdem die Of the same day
Eodem anno In the same year
Eodem die On the same day
Eodem mense On the same month
Hodie Today
Mane In the morning
Nocte At night
Post Meridiem After noon (p.m.)
Postridie On the day after

Copyright by Tom Dunaway