Warrant to John Crockitt

2 May 1776

Transcribed by Lisa & Tom Dunaway

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Pennsylvania, and
Counties annexed, ff.
[NOTE: The above words appear in the left most margin, adjacent to the word "Whereas," of the document.]

WHEREAS John Crockitt late of the County of Worcester in the Province of Maryland, but now of Sussex County upon Delaware, by humble Petition hath represented to us that he is seized and possessed of a Tract of Land called Outtens Mistake in Deep Creek Hundred containing Acres originally granted [-----] granted by the Proprietary of Maryland under the annual Quit-Rent of four Shillings Sterling per Hundred Acres, and which was heretofore deemed to lay in the Province of Maryland, but now (by the provincial Line lately run and established between the said Province of Maryland and the lower Counties on Delaware) fallen into Sussex County upon Delaware: And that he is desirous of attorning and obtaining our Grant of Confirmation for the same, together with some vacant Land contiguous thereto, for which Vacancy he agrees to pay us at the Rate of Five Pounds Sterling, or the Value thereof in Current Money of this Province, for every Hundred Acres, with Interest and the yearly Quit-Rent of One Penny Sterling per Acre, to commence from 12 Months after the Date hereof, and one Year's Rent on every alienation, and to pay the proprietary Demand against the said granted Land, and to take out the said Patent of Confirmation within Two Years from the Date hereof; and for that Purpose hath requested us to grant him our special Warrant of Re-Survey for re-surveying the said original Tract, and adding thereunto any Vacancy which may be found contiguous thereunto, to which we have thought proper to condescend. These are therefore to authorise and require you to re-survey or cause to be re-surveyed the said original Tract with the Vacancy aforesaid, and to reduce the whole into one intire Tract, and to make return thereof into our Secretary's Office in order for Confirmation, carefully distinguishing in your Draught and Return the said original Tract, and the added Vacancy : And this shall be your sufficient Warrant; which Warrant, and the Re-Survey thereon made, in Case the said John Crockitt fulfil the above Agreement in all Things on his Part, shall be valid, otherwise void. WITNESS JOHN PENN, Esquire, one of the Proprietaries, who as well in his own Right as by Virtue of certain Powers from JOHN PENN, Junior, Esquire, the other Proprietor, and the Right Honorable Lady JULIANA PENN, his Testamentary Guardian, hath hereunto set his Hand, and caused the Seal of the Land-Office to be affixed at Philadelphia, this Second Day of May One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Six

To John Lukens, Surveyor-General.
John Penn


Warrant to "John Crockitt," 2 May 1776, "Sussex County Surveys and Warrants, Book C3," p. 90; Delaware Public Archives, Dover.

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