Last Will and Testament of Joshua Fitchett Jr.

19 March 1808

Transcribed by Lisa & Tom Dunaway

NOTE: Spellings have not been changed.

In the Name of God Amen, I Joshua Fitchett Jr of Northampton County being very sick but of sound Mind & Memory, do make this my last Will - to wit - First I give unto My Sun William Fitchett when he arrives at twenty year's of age one mare called Polly Shane his Saddle & Bridle, also a Negro Woman old Tabby and a Walnut Chest. Secondly I give unto my Sun Thomas Fitchett when he arrives at twenty year's of age one Horse called Damond, Negro great Leah & Ten dollor's cash. Thirdly I give unto my Sun Cristopher Fitchett when he arrives at twenty year's of age one Negro Girl young Tabby, also Sixty Dollar's Cash. Fourthly I desire that the remaining Part of my Estate may be kept together by my Wife Sukey Fitchett for her Support, and to support my Children upon untill my Sun Cristopher arrives at twenty year's of Age or during the Life of said Wife, if she think's proper at said Cristopher's arriving at twenty year's of age or at the death of said Wife the property left said Wife to be equally divided between my three Sun's beforementioned. Fifthly In Case of the death of either of the Negroe's before given my Suns, that the rest are bound to contribute to the looser proportionably to make him equal to them. And Lastly I do request and appoint Daniel Fitchett and Thomas Fitchett his Sun Executor's to this my last Will, to conduct my Estate, as they may think proper, they are to give Know Security in Court for there Executorship's ~ Given under my hand this 19th day of March 1808. ~

AcknowledgedJoshua X Fitchett Jr {Seal}
before us.John GoffigonJoshua D. Fitchettmark
William Kendall

At a Court held for Northampton County the 11th day of July 1808 ~

This Will was proved by the Oath's of John Goffigon, Joshua D. Fitchett and William Kendall Witnesse's thereto, And Ordered to be recorded : and the Executor's therein appointed having refused to act on the Motion of Sukey Fitchett who took the Oath & entered into Bond with Security according to Law & Certificate is granted her to obtain Letters of Administration on the Descedant's Estate with his said Will annexed.

ExdTho s Lytt. Savage Ct.C


Northampton County, Virginia, Wills & Inven'ys [Inventories] 1808-1813 (Target reads 1803-1813 through error), No. 33: 26-27, will of Joshua Fitchett Jr., 1808; Library of Virginia microfilm Reel No.: 38.

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