Last Will and Testament of Henry Guy

23 March 1808

Transcribed by Lisa & Tom Dunaway

NOTE: Spellings have not been changed.

I Henry Guy of Northampton County State of Virginia, considering the uncertainty of this life & wishing to divide any property which I may be entitled to, & have in my possession to my friends, being of sound mind but bodily indispossed dispose of my property as follows to wit.

Item I give unto my beloved son Henry P Guy in case he ever returns being in all probability lost at sea, my right & interest in a certain debt due me by Dr Wm Savage's representative in No Carolina of £1003 with interest.

Item I give unto my beloved son Henry P Guy with the proviso as aforesaid, my right & interest in two debts, one for £375 the other for £487 with interest, due me from William Ronald's Award now in the district office of [-----].

Item I give unto my beloved son with the proviso aforesaid 200 acres of land in Boutetart County, the deed now in the hands of W Bowdoin Merchant Richmond.

Item I give unto my beloved son Henry P. Guy with the proviso aforesaid, a certain debt due from Ens Harmanson Executor of Patrick Harmanson & my propartian of 100 acres of land near Upper Meating house, which land was conveyed by Ens Harmanson to Andrews & Evans.

Item I give to my beloved son Henry P. Guy with the proviso aforesaid an half acre of land devised by Matthew Harmanson to Patrick Harmanson, where Upshur's store house now is, & certain Judgement Atained against Peter Warren for Fifty two pounds with interest, Eighty pounds of which money belongs to said Henry P. Guy by contract & fifty two to Matthew Guy.

Item I give to my beloved friend Doctr John C. Kendall Eighty pounds specie current money of Virginia to be paid out of the first money derived from any probate of my estate after paying my just debts.

Item In case my beloved son Henry P. Guy does never return which there seems at present but little probability of, I hereby give the whole of the beforementioned property & all my real & personal property of whatever kind it may be to be equally divided between my brother Matthew Guy & my sister Lucretia Kendall Doctr John C. Kendall, Matthew Harmanson Senr Custis Kendall son of John R.B. Henry Kendall Peggy Guy the daughter of Matthew, Esther Guy, & Adah Guy, to them & their heirs forever. In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand & affix my seal this the 23rd day of March One thousand Eight hundred & Eight
Signed, Sealed & delivered
Exmd                    Henry Guy  {seal}
in presence of
Thomas V Custis
John Scott
Thomas | Lewis

I hereby appoint Matthew Guy Doct John C. Kendall and Matthew Harmanson to be my true & lawful Executors

Henry Guy

At a court held for Northampton County the 13th day of July 1812. This will was proved by the oath of John Scott a witness thereto & ordered to be recorded; & on the motion of John C. Kendall one of the Executors therein named who took the oath & entered into bond with Security as the Law directs, Certificate is granted him to obtain probat thereof in due form.

Thos Lytt. Savage Ct Clerk


Northampton County, Virginia, Wills & Inven'ys [Inventories] 1808-1813 (Target reads 1803-1813 through error), No. 33: 381-382, will of Henry Guy, 1808; Library of Virginia microfilm Reel No.: 38.

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